At one time or the other, the clouds will break and the waters will pour. Sometimes it’s predictable, sometimes it’s not. Either way, best be prepared with a warm waterproof jacket.
Let’s review several examples on what comprises of the best waterproof jacket.

1. Aeration. As much as you’re trying to keep the water out, a good waterproof jacket should allow your body to breath. And I don’t mean it should have perforations, it simply means that you should be comfortable in it. Taking for example; some jackets have zips and linings of mesh in strategic areas (e.g. arm pits and pockets). This allows ventilation, which is important especially if you’re going to be out in the rain for a minute.

2. Coated with a water repellent. A good quality rain coat should not be worn once and then it gets too wet to not be worn consecutively. Among the best waterproof jacket manufacturers, waterproof repellents are key in the making of this commodity. Here are a few examples of repellents used just in case you come across a variety of products: Isotex, Aquadry, Hydrodry, etc.

Other than being coated, a good rain coat can be waterproofed using a membrane. The membrane Gore-Tex comes to mind since it is widely used. It is best suited for this task since unlike a water repellent coating, it improves the venting abilities of a waterproof jacket.

3. Cuffs, hems and velcros. These are important and help you tighten the grip of your jacket on your arms and/or even your neck.

4. Thickness. With respect to proofing the jacket with a membrane (taking Gore-Tex as a good example), some jackets can be thicker than others in form of layers. The thicker the layer, the warmer the jacket and it goes without saying that it’s aeration abilities will be poorer. You will have to pick the best waterproof jacket depending on the intensity of the weather expected. Hiking and/or mountain-climbing dictates that an expected 3-layered Gore-Tex is best. Click here for more..

Don’t wait for the rain season to rush to the stores. The best waterproof jacket is cheaper now.

Written by: flirteinstein